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Accent Modification

We now offer services for foreign or regional accent modification.  All services are provided by experienced, certified and licensed speech-language pathologist Theresa M. Kundrot, MA, CCC-SLP, who is also a certified Compton P-ESL Instructor.

FREE Screening

This 20 minute session is designed to help you in your search for better communication by briefly identifying your most prominent accent patterns, discussing your personal communication needs and giving you information about how our accent modification services can meet those needs. This is a no charge, no obligation service we provide because we are confident you will find our high quality materials and specialized instruction to be an excellent investment.

Speak ClearlyPersonalized Communication Profile

This comprehensive speech analysis is prepared for you using a recorded sample of your speech in words, sentences, reading and conversation. This initial evaluation takes about an hour. At that time, we also discuss our program options in detail and tell you why the program we use is so effective it comes with a guarantee. Then your personal sample is transcribed, analyzed for patterns and summarized in your Profile.

Individualized Accent Modification Program/Compton P-ESL Method

This is a 12-week course of completely individualized one-on-one instruction based on your Personalized Communication Profile (see above). 12 hour-long sessions are programmed specifically for you and address your accent patterns and other communication skills through extensive modeling, practice and feedback. A handbook and CD/CD-R/tape provide high quality material for your home practice.

Individualized Pronunciation or Vocabulary Instruction

These sessions provide the same one-on-one specialized instruction to achieve goals selected by you in consultation with our professional staff. Scheduling is flexible at a pace that meets your needs.

Contact our office now to schedule an appointment at 281-488-7221.


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